Bardolini OBD Software

Software for adjustment of BARDOLINI Sequential Injection system

is entirely developed from the BSM LTD engineer's department.



The system is managed with the high level requirements for combustion of the fuelling not allowing the petrol ECU turning on lamps for check (incorrect mixture, Euro 3, Euro 4). According to the engine power, the number of cylinders and some construction features for the intake manifold you can tune the system up with specialized software a few parameters: durations, temperatures, motions and other. With the build in data in the software there is an option to enter automatically in the ECU all wanted coefficients.


For some car models the software allows to be loaded the adjustment data by pressing a single button. Inspired from our big expirience in multipoint sequential injection system a new powerfull analytic procedure was introduced for optimisation of the combustion process in different loads of the engine, temperature RPM etc. There are several opportunities for regulating the system, depending on the preferences for the driver, which ones can be related to the group 'convenience for the driver'.

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